Surveillance system with security cameras

My New Wireless Security System For My Indoor Garden

Today I want to talk about something fairly important. Security. I just bought a brand-new Defender wireless camera security system to install in my indoor garden. I have some fairly valuable equipment in there, mainly my grow lights, and I do not want them to get stolen.

Surveillance system with security cameras

Why am I so worried about my equipment being stolen?

Well, first of all, grow lights are quite expensive. Second of all, is what is been happening around town as of late. If you’ve read the local news, I’m sure you’re aware of it.

There has been a spate of burglaries here in Danbury Connecticut recently. These robbers broke into a lot of places. Even the Hibernian’s office was not spared.

One thing all of these places that were broken into had in common is that they had no security system. Some of them did have somewhat of a system, but they had outdated cameras that barely work and that are easy to get around. Even an amateur robber can avoid those cameras, and it seems that this was an amateur crew.

One place that fine was the newer local coffee shop. The one I talked about previously. It was okay, because it actually has a state-of-the-art surveillance system. I noticed that when I ate there. I did think at the time that it was a bit weird to see such a modern security system in a coffee shop that serves tea and coffee,. That was until I learned how much it costs to have a coffee shop.

Espresso machines and coffee machines are very expensive and then you also need grinders, which cost a lot too. That is equipment that is certainly worth protecting. And because the owners of the shop invested heavily into security cameras and a monitoring system, the place was not burgled.

Espresso machine in coffee shopI have not yet been hit either, but I’ve decided to take preventative measures to protect my home and my garden. That is why I spent a lot of money on a security camera system so that I could have nonstop surveillance on my property. I also bought a bunch of fake security cameras, that I installed all over as well. They look exactly like the real ones, so just makes it look like I have more cameras than actually do.

In addition to the cameras, I also have motion sensors and I have detectors on the windows and the doors. If anyone opens any of them, an alarm goes off. If anyone triggers a motion sensor, an alarm goes off. I also have floodlights that are attached to motion detectors outdoors. Those turn on whenever somebody enters my property.

Security cameras guarding building

This might not be enough to deter a professional crew, but they would have to be real professional. Most robbers will take one look at the system and leave. There are plenty of easier places to break into. And because of that, the system bought me the most important thing of all. Peace of mind.

Having a surveillance system to guard my home has made me feel much safer and more secure. Is a great feeling knowing that I can feel safe and more importantly that my family feels safe.

If you don’t have any protection for your home, I strongly urge you to at least get something. Even if it is just a couple of fake cameras. You don’t want to be the person that kicks themselves after they are robbed, saying I should have just spent a little bit of money to protect myself.

So spend the money now and buy yourself some peace of mind. In addition to the peace of mind, buy some protection for yourself and your family and your valuables. You will feel so much better knowing you are safe and secure.