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Irish Fighters Drink Matcha And Support Hibernians

If you follow sports at all, you’ll likely be aware of the meteoric rise of Irish fighters. Seemingly out of nowhere, they have shot onto the scene and into the spotlight. Everyone wants to know, what makes them so good? Where do they get their strength from? Where do they get their stamina from? Everybody wants to know, because they want to be like them. They think if they learn their secrets, they can succeed too. Not necessarily as fighters, but in whatever they choose to take on in their own lives.

Well, I recently got a chance to sit down with one of the more famous Irish fighters, along with his entire security detail. He takes personal security very seriously. I won’t name any names, because he asked me not to. I do say  that we’ve been friends for a while, having grown up together in Danbury Connecticut. We met each other at early meetings of the Ancient Order of the Hibernians and we’ve been friends ever since we met there.

ancient hibernians
Memebrs of the Ancient Order of the Hibernians marching

In fact, my friend claims that the support he gets from the Danbury Hibernians is one of the big reasons for his success. He also claims that the support he gives back to them helps a lot too. Apparently, it helps keep him grounded and he is also someone who believes in karma. He feels giving back to the Hibernians is good karma and that karma is repaid by success in his career.

His other secret? Well, if you’re at all familiar with this site, you can probably guess it: it’s matcha green tea powder. That’s right, this guy drinks a cup of matcha every morning. But he doesn’t stop there. He uses green tea powder in his food as well. While he is training, he always has a smoothie made with the stuff. When he treats himself to a desert, he makes sure it’s one that has been cooked with green tea.

Of course, he doesn’t make any of this himself. He didn’t want me to add this part, but he is a horrible cook. He would manage to even ruin the smoothie. And why should he cook for himself? He’s got money now, he can afford to hire someone to do all this for him. And he does. He hired an ancient Japanese guy, a guy who also grew up in Danbury, Connecticut, and he has this guy come over for a few hours everyday to fix him his smoothie and prepare his meals.

The guy makes the meals, then puts them in Tupperware in the fridge. Whenever my friend feels hungry, he heats some of this food up. The food is all healthy and much of it contains the famous Japanese green tea, as mentioned.

Personally, I don’t know if this is truly the reason for his success or not. I’ve seen the way the this guy trains. He is a monster. He never gives up, he pushes himself far beyond his limits and far beyond the limits of anyone else. Far, far, far beyond the limits of most of the rest of us. This is why he is successful. Maybe the matcha helps. Maybe the support of the Danbury Hibernians helps.

At the very least, I do believe that he believes all of this stuff helps him and I know that that is important. It helps his morale and perhaps that is what allows him to push himself so much further than a normal person. Looking at it this way, I guess he is right. This stuff does help him succeed. I guess that means you need to join the ancient Hibernians and you need to start drinking, or eating, matcha green tea, if you want to match his success. Or even just come close to matching it.

So what are you waiting for? Move to Danbury and get online and buy yourself some of the finest Japanese tea powder money can buy. Buy the best stuff straight from the Uji region of Japan near Kyoto. Then get out there and bust your ass. Success will be yours!